THE owners of a missing cat are offering a £300 reward for her safe return.

Evie, a crossbreed with a tabby tortoiseshell coat, went missing from Henwick Road last Wednesday (June 27) and her family are desperate to find her.

In a poster, sent to the Worcester News by Evie's owner Charlotte Frost, the two-year-old cat is described as shy, spayed and microchipped.

"Evie got a little too adventurous and explored a little further than home, which is out of character, and as a result got lost," the poster said.

"We are beside ourselves and need to get Evie back home where she is dearly loved and missed."

"Any information will be greatly appreciated and a cash reward of £300 will be given on her safe return."

If you have any information, contact Charlotte on 07720 651 112.