A FATHER-TO-BE stole clothing from TK Maxx just months after being cautioned for five other thefts.

Nicolae Constandache went into the franchise’s Worcester city centre branch on June 9 with a friend and stole the clothing “on the spur of the moment”, said his solicitor.

The 30-year-old moved to the UK from Romania after securing a job at a factory in Evesham last July, while his wife is expecting their first baby, the court heard.

In February, Constandache – who was appearing at Worcester Magistrates’ Court on Thursday – was cautioned after committing five shop thefts.

Roger Bleazard, prosecuting, said the defendant went into the store before taking the items and passing them to another man who put them in a carrier bag.

They then tried to leave and make off in a Toyota Yaris, but they were stopped by security.

Mark Sheward, defending, said the items, worth around £80, were recovered and Constandache co-operated fully with security.

The solicitor described the theft as having “no sophistication” and said his client went into the shop “intending to buy the items but on the spur of the moment decided to steal”.

He said Constandache, of Northwick Road, Evesham, had initially remained in Romania after his wife moved to the UK while he ensured he had a job to go to.

He has remained in the same employment since his arrival in the country.

“His wife is very disappointed with him,” said Mr Sheward. “She is currently expecting their first child.

“It is fair to say he has some bridges to build with her.”

Vernon Nibbs, chair of the bench, said he was “concerned” that the offence was committed so soon after the caution for similar crimes.

He ordered Constandache to pay £445 in fines and costs.