A PLAYGROUP has retained its 'good' rating at their latest Ofsted report.

Bretforton Preschool Playgroup was lauded for its "calm" staff, partnerships with local schools and well behaved children.

The report said: "Staff provide a calm, nurturing and relaxed environment where children flourish.

"Staff are knowledgeable about how young children learn. They provide a good range of activities that children enjoy taking part in. Children make good progress in their learning and development.

"Partnerships with local schools and other providers are effective. Staff share regular information with other professionals to help provide continuity for children's care and learning experiences.

"Children behave well. They develop good friendships with each other and settle well in this welcoming and friendly environment.

"Parents speak highly about the pre-school. They express how much their children enjoy attending, how friendly the staff are and how much their children progress.

"The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Managers and staff have a good understanding of their responsibilities to protect children from harm.

"They know the procedures to follow should they have any concerns about a child in their care.

"Staff are supported to understand their roles and responsibilities through regular supervision meetings and robust induction procedures.

"Staff benefit from attending regular mandatory training, such as first aid and child protection."

The playgroup was also told a number of improvements it could make to become outstanding.

The report added: "Staff do not always focus on using children's next steps for learning during daily activities or share these enough with parents for children to make even more progress in their learning.

"Some group sessions and adult-led activities are not organised well enough to fully encourage younger children to join in and participate."

To improve, the playgroup the report said: "To focus on incorporating children's next steps for learning more in daily activities and

share these with parents so that children are able to make outstanding progress in their development.

"Develop the organisation of group sessions and adult-led activities to ensure younger children are able to fully join in and participate."