DEEDS to the Pershore Rugby club which were missing have been found and returned after 17 years, so that a new floor of the club can be built.

Roy Hirons, ex chairman of the club, after finding the deeds in a box at his home, presented them to Vic Haines, the current chairman of the club.

Mr Hirons said: "They are hoping to build a new floor for the club, they are hoping to get a loan from the RFU."

"They need to show the appropriate people the deeds so they can extend the club. The deeds were put in a safe place, I have always had them from a previous position of Chairman. They were given to me 17 years ago. When the current chairman said 'does anyone know where the deeds are,' I looked and low and behold, they were in the box."

Mr Hirons said the new floor will be an expansion of the changing rooms, which need to be expanded to meet health and safety requirements.