A HEAVILY graffitied car was abandoned after driving the wrong way down a high street.

The driver fled after being chased by police.

PC Paul Buffery said the car was stolen and covered in paint before the incident and that police believe the offender to be a young teenage male. He was wearing a balaclava.

The incident was reported at 8:15 on Friday night. (October 5) The car, which was covered in yellow paint that also covered most of the wind screen, and had swear words written all over it in spray paint, (covered up in the pictures) had been driving the wrong way down Evesham High Street towards Abbey Lane. The car failed to stop for police.

The car was then abandoned on Abbey Lane. Evesham, out-side the pharmacy. One person fled and Evesham Safer Neighbourhood Team tweeted "The vehicle has been seized for forensics and hopefully we will knocking hard at the drivers front door shortly. Disgusting and down right dangerous behaviour which could have had serious consequences."

The incident happened during the Evesham Mop Fair which took place on the High Street. Many families with young children were in the area. 

"If anyone saw the vehicle or driver please contact PC Buffery or 101 quoting incident 723s 051018. Equally please check any dash cam footage / business cctv if you were behind the vehicle or nearby for any identification. We would strongly urge the driver to visit the police station to identify himself to save making matters worse."