CROWDS of people of all ages came to enjoy the funfair rides, stalls and activities at the Evesham Mop Fair.

The fair took place over much of Vine Street, the High Street and The Market Place from Wednesday October 3 until Saturday October 6.

The Mayor of Evesham Mark Goodge said: "We have had a lot of positive feedback, not everybody was entirely happy about it being in the high street because of the traffic, but there was more positive feedback than negative. Having it on the High Street brought it more into the centre of the town, and brings it more in line with tradition.

"Historically the fair was always on the High Street, and it makes it feel more like it is part of the town."

Stuart Carter, Evesham town clerk said: "It went really well, there were a few issues with traffic. We put a one way system in. The fair had a really nice open atmosphere, and feed back was generally positive."