IN an effort to help the environment and show respect to those who served in WW1, Pershore Sea Cadets have been busy upcycling discarded plastic drinks bottles into remembrance poppies.

As part of the national #scrapplastic initiative, TS Scimitar started collecting bottles in the Summer and have been busy cutting them into poppy shaped flowers which have been painted underneath to give a gloss effect finish. The paint was kindly donated by W L Brown’s Hardware store in Pershore.

The tops of the bottles have been donated to raise money for Cancer research and other parts of plastic have been used to make boats.

As a mark of respect, the names of the Fallen from the Pershore Roll of Honour from both World Wars will be written on some of the poppies along with the name of the Cadets. This week they are busy attaching them to garden netting which will be draped over the buttresses of Pershore Abbey for the Centenary Armistice Anniversary this weekend.

The poppies will be available to see at the Abbey during Saturday, November 10 and Sunday November 11.