A mum from Pershore has been forced out of her home by a nightmare rodent infestation.

Abigail Camden, who has a young daughter, was forced to move in with her mother after mice began wreaking havoc in her house on St. Andrew's Road, Pershore.

The vermin got into her bathroom, her kitchen and eventually the rest of her house, ruining most of her belongings.

Rooftop Housing Association provided Ms Camden with a skip into which she had to throw away nearly all of her posessions, along with those of her daughter.

Ms Camden said: "I'm fed up. I did my part by organising pest control to control the situation."

"My daughter is refusing to go back to the property she’s only 5, we’ve got no belongings because of Rooftop due to the fact they left the holes in the property. I have no furniture.

"I am living with my mother and disabled brother while still paying rent on a house I'm not even in and it's just not right."

Ms Camden arranged for pest control who came but she says the problem did not go away.

According to Rooftop's terms and conditions, all pest and rodent infestations are the duty of the tenant to sort out.

A spokesman for Rooftop Housing Association said: "Pest control is the customers responsibility as it falls outside our list of responsibilities laid out in the tenancy agreement.

"The customer has signed and agreed to that. There is a full list of the responsibilities that we have and the responsibilities of our customers in the “Together” section of our website.

"Beyond that however, we’ve provided a skip, we’ve asked Wychavon District Council to increase her “banding” so she would be able to move but they have refused, we’ve helped her register with “Home Swapper”, we’re repairing where there has been damage, and our Neighbourhood Officer has arranged to help with a deep clean of the property.

"Pests can be a terrible thing to have to deal with and we will always give advice and help where we can, but they remain the responsibility of the customer.”

In the last few days repairs have been carried out and Ms Camden says she is still awaiting the deep clean.