READERS of the Evesham Journal have been sending in questions for Brexit Secretary, Stephen Barclay.

Stephen Barclay, the secretary of state for Exiting the European Union, has agreed to answer your questions about Brexit, describing it as "a huge issue."

The offer comes as MPs prepare to vote on a deal set out by Prime Minister Theresa May on the terms on which Britain would leave the EU in March.

The deal has so far proved unpopular among both Leavers and Remainers - but Mrs May has said it is the best that could be negotiated.

Among the questions submitted was one from John McKay, who asked: "How can anyone book a summer holiday to Europe with any confidence not knowing what will happen to the exchange rate, flights, border control etc and what kind of reception can the British people expect from the rest of Europe once we have left?"

Adam Smale wants to know: "Can you tell us how we'll be better off by leaving the EU?"

Julie Phillips has submitted the question: "If this deal is voted down how prepared are you for a no Brexit deal?"

Steve Jacobs asked him: "Will we see any benefit from Brexit in the next 10 years?"

While Sam Greenway wants to know: "Are you scared of a general election when the DUP fails to back this deal and the government collapses?"

Paul Moreton asked: "If the government is sure that Mrs May has negotiated the best and only Brexit deal needing consideration prior to implementation, why is it not prepared to publish the legal advice it has received, underpinning the deal, so that those who have to make informed decisions about it can do so with the fullest, clearest and most open information?"

Dormston Cook said: "With neither NI or the Republic of Ireland , or indeed the UK or the EU wanting to put a hard border up on the island of Ireland, who would erect it? And hence why do we need a backstop? And do you honestly believe the EU would allow us to leave their ‘club’ seeing that we are the second biggest net contributor?

While Sam Barriscale said: "Will you still be Brexit Secretary by the time I've finished writing this question?" We'll publish the Mr Barclay's answers next week.