Evesham Anti-Litter Group completed a successful last litter pick of 2018.

The pick took place in Bengeworth, specifically The Leys, Harvey Road and Church Street.

The group thanked the 11 local residents who supported the pick on Sunday, spending 20 hours of time in total and 20 large bags of litter and various large items were sent to the local tip at Throckmorton.

The group is appointed by Evesham Town Council and works as part of the Evesham Town Plan. Local people prioritised litter as something they wanted to see improved.

The group is now established and can claim to have more that 100 local people providing direct support.

In addition there are 19 local organisations that are supporting its work, which permits more ambitious work to be done.

One of the organisations is Rooftop Housing Group, they were out on their own pick in support of the group's work last month, in Hampton, where they collected seven bags and filled a skip.

If you have time and would like to become involved please contact: Bruce Taylor on: bruce.bg.taylor@talk21.com or Julie Tucker on: julietucker10@btinternet.com