A FAMILY has been fighting their neighbours extension which they say is 'dangerous' despite planning permission being approved.

Margarat Byrska, 35 of Alder Grove, Evesham said: "A year ago, the people who own the property got permission to build an extension. They didn't speak to us about it."

"|They have dug a huge hole. We have two little children. We cannot let them into the garden because they might fall into the hole.

"The hole is on the edge of my land and the edge of my fence has not been protected."

Mrs Bryska said their fence is damaged because of the building works and tree branches have been cut and have fallen into her pond. She says the work has been very noisy.

"I don't know how to deal with it. No one will help us."

"They have permission and I have no idea what is going on."

"When they build the extension we will have no light coming into our kitchen" said Mrs Byrska.

"I am really stressed, I am crying during the night."

A spokesperson from Wychavon District Council said: “We can confirm that that Mrs Byrska has made a number of comments and complaints regarding the building works at 31 Alder Grove, however, where these fall within the remit of Wychavon District Council they have been investigated and dealt with. A number of the issues she has mentioned are effectively civil matters which we cannot assist with.”

Sumi Begum who lives at the property in question said: "There’s been no damage to their fence nor has there been any tree branches/debris fall into their pond. It’s actually not possible for anything to fall into their garden

In fact they’ve been quite difficult throughout the process so far and we’re not quite sure why as we’ve spoken to our other neighbours, and they are all absolutely fine and have no issues with this. We did also visit their house prior to the work commencing and they did say they were fine with all of this.

They called the council to complain, so we had an external health and safety officer come and examine the site and again no concerns were raised as there’s no safety risk. "

Miss Begum also said they have blocked their drive and harassed their builders.