A DEPRESSION sufferer whose therapy dog was stolen feels ‘like herself again’ after being reunited with her pet.

Zara Street, of Fairwater Close in Evesham was struggling with her mental health which plummeted when Tilly, her Chihuahua-Pekingese cross, bought to help her with her anxiety and depression, was stolen three weeks ago.

On Saturday evening Tilly was returned to Miss Street.

“I didn’t expect it,” said Miss Street, 21. “My mum got the call and they new it was Tilly, my mum went to pick her up and came in the house, she said ‘I’ve got an early Christmas present for you’ and lifted her up and I just cried.

“Tilly went crazy, she’s really happy to be home.”

“It means everything to me. She’s my therapy dog and helps me with my depression. I am so much better, I’m getting out of bed, I’m eating. I feel like me again, I’m complete.

"It’s been such a tough three weeks, I was such a state but I’m so much better now.”

Police are still working on enquiries about Tilly’s disappearance and have yet to release information on who took her.

Miss Street said: “We haven’t been told much, all I know is that she was in a house in Evesham, but that is as much as we know.”

Police believe the burglars targeted Miss Street’s family home because of Tilly’s breed. She is worth around £900.

Miss Street suspects that a man she saw looking through her fence a couple of weeks ago may have been involved in the burglary. She said he was looking at Tilly in the garden and fled when she shouted at him.

Miss Street, who has had three-year-old Tilly since she was a puppy, was at her partner’s home when the burglary took place.