A DISABLED man went on a rampage in a newsagents, ripping a magazine with his teeth and crashing his mobility scooter into a fridge.

Michael Sefton, aged 56, admitted causing criminal damage and breaching a criminal behaviour order.

Nicola Ritchie, prosecuting, said the defendant went into Carrs News, in Pershore, opened a Twix bar and then threw it on the floor.

She added: "He picked up a magazine, ripped it with his teeth and got a spatula out and waved it around.

"He then crashed his mobility scooter into a fridge unit - damaging it - before leaving."

He was also caught playing loud music, in breach of his criminal behaviour order, and was arrested on September 30.

Worcester Magistrates Court heard that Sefton also called the emergency services 20 times between October 5 and October 14.

Ms Ritchie said these calls ranged from him claiming he had been shot in the back to saying that his heart was racing from taking too many drugs.

Paul Stanley, defending, said Sefton had recently been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

He added: "It's a strange set of circumstances.

"His difficulty is he's a man who sporadically suffers psychotic episodes. He has for many years.

"Things went downhill in his early 20s, he was involved in a nasty motorcycle accident and had his leg amputated. He had brain damage and the majority of the right side of his body is paralysed.

"He's a man that's not well and hasn't been well for the majority of his life."

The solicitor added that Sefton, of Little Priest Lane, in Pershore, kept out of trouble when he was staying in an assisted living home in Worcester, however, he recently returned to Pershore.

Mr Stanley said the defendant attempted suicide over fears of going to prison, following a police interview.

Sefton has a previous conviction for threatening behaviour.

Worcester Magistrates Court handed him a 12-week suspended prison sentence and told him to pay £185 in court costs, a £115 victim surcharge and £4.55 in compensation.