A BRASS band is holding a concert to reconnect with its roots.

Evesham-based Avonbank Brass Band is giving a free concert at the Methodist church in Bridge Street on Saturday, February 23, for the benefit of local residents and music lovers everywhere.

The concert is free because the band, which has its origins at the church where it was established as an offshoot of the youth club in 1948, wants to reconnect with its roots.

In addition, a few weeks after the concert, the band will be competing at the regional competition (which will determine the band’s national ranking) in Bedworth and wants to play the short but difficult set test piece members have to play.

The piece, called the Rise of the Phoenix, is full of catchy tunes and rhythms with an exciting James Bond-style central movement that is sure to appeal to audiences.

In addition, there is a full programme of light concert music and popular tunes all intended to entertain and delight.

Avonbank band is made up of nearly 30 players who turn out twice each week to rehearse as they have done for more than 70 years in order to make music for the community they serve. Recently the band has worked with a new conductor, Dave Lea who was, for 30 years until his retirement, the musical director of the prestigious Jaguar Land Rover Band, one of the UK’s top Championship bands, based in Coventry. Since his association with Avonbank, he has worked hard to improve the band’s confidence and musicality.

The concert, which starts at 7.30pm, is free though there will be a retiring collection as well as a raffle.