THIEVES who broke into a salon stole a laptop with precious photos of the owners children amongst other valuables.

Vicki Baker, owner of The Hair and Beauty Hub, Swan Lane, Evesham, posted on Facebook: "To whoever has broken into my salon this evening, thanks! If anyone sees anyone selling Mary Kay make-up, Gelaze, nsi, Gelish gel nail polish or an oldish HP laptop ( password enabled), please have have some thought and pop this back to the salon or inbox me. "

"This (laptop) has all my photos and videos of my children on. Please bring this back. I hope you sleep well at night knowing I work hard for myself and try to get by like everyone else. I’m not rich, I work hard to survive for my family and my business."

"If you have a shred of decency in your heart, do the right thing. Please!"

Police attended after the break in but Mrs Baker said no prints were found.

The break in took place on the evening of January 27. Anyone with information should call 101 and quote the reference number 22/8481/19