A KIDNEY dialysis patient from Evesham has become a published author while undergoing treatment.

Brian Bennett, 65, first began writing five years ago whilst having dialysis treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. He attends four-hour sessions four times a week after two failed kidney transplants.

He said: “I have so many ideas for stories and this all just makes me want to write quicker.”

Mr Bennett only began writing five years ago, when he started intensive dialysis treatment.

He said, “When I’m in hospital for dialysis, I get given a room on my own as the nurses know that I like to write. I can’t just sit and do nothing, and it really takes my mind off everything else.

"I left school aged 14 with no formal qualifications, as I had to earn a living for my family whilst my father and older brother were on strike.”

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Brian gives most of the proceeds from his books to the Kidney Patient Association and St Richards Hospice charity.

His first publication was a short children’s story entitled A Walk With Grandad Along The River Avon, which was written for his grandchildren, now aged seven and three.

“I feared at one point that I would never get to even meet them, and wanted to make sure they had something to know and remember me by,” he said.

After this he published more children’s books, including The Naughty Gnome, to which there will be a sequel out at the end of the month.

The sequel includes the short story, The Naughty Gnome Down On The Farm, which is partially based upon Brian's own experiences on a working farm as a young adult.

The books can be bought from Hampton farm shop, Gummygum drops in the town centre or from Amazon.