STREET lighting on a housing development is being acted on after a resident whose car was broken into described her street as a ‘nightmare.’

Lynne Hawley, 57 of Summerfield Gardens, Evesham said. “All we want is to feel safe in our homes. There is no street lighting. We are scared.”

The mum of one was worried after her car was broken into one night. She said suspicious people had also been seen wondering around the cars in the street.

The Safer Neighbourhood Team said “someone accessed an empty vehicle and stole some of its contents, for example loose change between the hours of 7:30pm and 6:45am on January 28.

A further report on February 4 relates to possible intelligence linked to the original incident on January 28.

“The injured party believes that the vehicle was left secure but there was no sign of any forced entry. We would advise local car owners to be vigilant and ensure that they secure their vehicles, removing all valuables from within and not leaving anything in view. If it is possible to park in a well-lit area with passing foot traffic this can deter any potential offenders.”

Some of the street lighting in the area owned my Bromford has now been repaired which Ms Hawley said has made a big difference: “We are really pleased, all of us are really glad they have come and have done it, at least we can sleep a bit better now.”

A spokesman for Bromford said: “We’re working together with Rooftop Housing to address the issues with lighting in Summerfield Gardens and are investigating whether we can improve the amount of lighting in the street. At the same time we’re liaising with the police about crime issues in the local area.”

When speaking to Evesham Journal Ms Hawley said she believed that although Bromford owns the homes, Rooftop Housing was responsible for the lighting.

Rooftop Housing said there had been confusion because it owns many of the homes in the ar-ea. It was passed a repair in error by the council highway department. This had the very unusual result of Rooftop repairing a light outside Ms Hawley’s home which isn’t Rooftop’s responsibility.

A spokesman said: “We can only apologise that the repair on the light, that we shouldn’t have been repairing took, longer than our 20 working day target. We are currently upgrading our sys-tems to stop this happening again.”