A TALENTED student was thrilled to receive a video message from a famous actor wishing him luck before playing the lead in his school show.

Matt Lucas sent a good luck message via Twitter to a student at Prince Henry’s High School, wishing him and the rest of the cast luck before they performed the musical ‘Me and My Girl.’

Liam Clear, 16 from South Littleton said: “I was just going to school, I was looking at my phone and it said ‘Matt Lucas has responded to your tweet. I didn’t really know what was going on, I was absolutely shocked. The first thing I did was show everyone. My family were all really happy with it. Miss Cook who directed the show was really happy too.”

The ‘Little Britain’ star Matt Lucas was in the production last year at Chichester Festival Theatre, playing the lead role of Bill which Liam had landed in his school’s version of the show.

Liam also had a good luck tweet from the actor Robert Linsay. Liam’s drama class had been trying to get the ‘My Family’ star to reply to them on twitter because he was one of the original actors to be in the show, also playing the role of Bill.

Liam said: “It was just as mad as Matt Lucas. He (Linsay) won an award for that role, against people who were in ‘Les Misérables.’ Everyone was shocked, it was so amazing that these celebrities were giving their support.”

Liam would like to pursue his love of acting as a career. “I have done lots of shows in the Evesham area, I am in a drama group outside school and have always been in the school shows.”

“The school shows at Prince Henry’s are absolutely brilliant.” He said. “Everyone else in the show was just incredible and really talented.”