A SINGING club aims to improve people's health and wellbeing.

Cllr. Gerry O'Donnell started up the club Sing For Health and Happiness. Cllr O'Donnell is the founder of the cardiac rehabilitation unit in Evesham: "It started off when I wanted to find something for cardiac patients to get involved with. It was clear from talking to people that singing together has lots of benefits. I also was targeting dementia patients. After speaking to doctors I found out that singing is good for people with lots of different conditions, so I thought lets just call it Sing For Health and Happiness. It's good for the lungs its good for the heart, it's good for mental health, its a good all round thing to do. It is also the social contact, and the feel good factor, it makes you happy."

"I got in touch with Claire Fowler who runs singing groups all over the county and she was very enthusiastic about it."

The group started around two months ago. At the moment the group has about 17 members but Cllr O'Donnell says they need ideally 20 people there each week. The group is open to anyone and you do not have to audition, just turn up. A piano or keyboard player would also be useful as at the moment the group use backing music. Cllr. O'Donnell can play guitar but he is unable to attend every week.

"We have got some people with conditions and we have got some people with no conditions who just want to get together and sing" he said.

The next rehearsal session is on Thursday, March 21 at Evesham Leisure Centre (new extension) from 6pm until 7:15.