RESIDENTS are setting up a new neighbourhood watch group with support from a councillor, to make the area ‘safer’ amidst fears of break-ins and car thefts.

Chrissy Smith, a resident of Fairfield said: “We have had quite a few break ins round here. A lady in the area had someone break into her house, steal the car keys then steal her car and then wrote it off. There was another lady in the area who had her son come over to take her out. They went out for the evening and when they came back, her home had been broken into and her credit card was taken.”

Mrs Smith is involved in setting up a group for Evesham South, including areas Fairwater Close, Battleton Road and Fairfield. The group is still in its early stages of set up but a public meeting for residents will be announced soon and a Facebook page, Neighbourhood Watch Fairfield is now open for anyone to join.”

Mrs Smith said: “It is just about making the area a safer place. It’s not nice when somebody breaks into your house, it violates your space.”

“The police don’t have the resources to follow up every single incident.”

Mrs Smith is working with Councillor Matt Snape. They held a meeting on Sunday night about setting up the group. Councillor Snape posted on his Facebook page: “It is so good to see Neighbourhood Watch groups being set up across Evesham South and in the neighbouring ward of Little Hampton.

Tonight I attended a meeting of the Fairfield Road, Battleton Road and Fairwater Close Neighbourhood Watch groups. We have agreed positive steps forward to promote the groups.

Neighbourhood Watch still works, folks. When I went on a police ride-along, I learnt that it drove crime out of two villages.

If you’d like to join the existing groups, or want to set one up for your road in Evesham South, please do contact me ASAP.”

Mrs Smith said they are looking to get Smart Water introduced and stickers for residents’ windows.