BENGEWORTH C E Primary Academy, Evesham triumphed yet again at this year’s Worcester Competitive Arts Festival.

Executive Headteacher David Coache said: "Whilst we knew pupils were progressing well under the tuition of specialist poetry and performance teacher, Debra Bertulis, our pupils triumphed in more ways than one, sweeping the board with an unprecedented amount of trophies and medals, jubilantly received by proud students and their supportive parents.’ Five of the winners were also invited to perform again at the Festival’s prestigious Gala Concert, attended by Festival Patrons and Lady Darnley.

Specialist Poetry and Performance teacher Debra Bertulis said ‘Our pupils always excel in this Festival’s friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Throughout their tuition, each pupil learns the relevance of self-discipline, commitment and tenacity, all key skills for success in life. I could not be prouder.’