AN old engineering workshop has made a surprisingly perfect spot for a 'lovely' photographic studio after a transformation.

Emma Attwood has made her dad's workshop into a 'lovely' studio where she can let her imagination run free with her baby photography business.

Mrs Attwood, 43, said photography is "in her blood. She was a photographer the Gloucestershire Echo and the Worcester News for around 9 years. After she started a family she was looking for work that would fit around her commitments as press photography hours were not family friendly. She set up a mobile business, Teeny Tots Photography with Marie Myers. Mrs Attwood said: "We had been quite well known as Tiny Tots. We just decided to take the plunge and set up our own studios." Mrs Attwood said.

"I am lucky enough to be able to use my dads building as my studio. It's a lovely building, from the front it just looks like a little bungalow, it has a pitched roof and it's long and thin. Lots of people commented that it was a bit like a Tardis."

Mrs Attwood was born and brought up in Eckington. The building that is now her studio was built in 1939 as a telephone exchange. In 1985, it was purchased to be used as offices but then that business closed. For a short period, the Eckington Venture Scouts used the empty building for their weekly meetings. In July 1994, Mrs Attwood's father, Gerald bought ‘The Old Telephone Exchange’ as premises for his engineering business. He was a very skilled engineer, but alongside his main work, he became well known by the locals for his ability to fix most things. When he retired he let Mrs Attwood use the building as a photographic studio.

"I can experiment, I have got the space, it is so relaxing for the parents, particularly new parents, they can drive straight up to the front door. I have got a seating area and a little kitchen where they can make a drink." Mrs Attwood said.

"With baby photography you have to do a lot of safety training, you have to know exactly how to handle them and how to position a new born. It can be very dangerous if you put a new born in the wrong position."

Mrs Attwood said: "It's lovely and warm and cosy, it has been completely transformed from engineering workshop. It is right by the Eckington Bridge, and is off the main road surrounded by fields."