I was born and raised in Evesham and have spent most of my life in the area. On leaving school I went to work at BBC Wood Norton in the print department. There I became involved in the recognised union and spent time as vice chair of the branch and conference delegate. In my younger days I was an active member of Evesham Operatic and Drama Society and played cricket for Badsey.

Things locally have altered massively over the years but I feel my local associations and experiences give me an insight into how local communities need to work together for the good of all.

For example, we should invest in and use sport and the arts to help people relax and learn teamwork.

My union experience will help in putting forward the views of residents of Badsey and a Labour Party perspective in local decision making.



I have lived and worked in the Evesham area for around 19 years. I run a local business and take part in many local issues and events, helping make life better where I can.

I believe it’s time we stood up for ourselves in our local communities. Children's services, libraries, schools, hospitals, NHS and social care, emergency services - all of these have been cut in recent years. While some of these areas are not in the remit of our local councils, I will escalate residents’ issues to county level and our local MP.

Any of you who know me will know that I am unafraid to fight for your rights at all times. Let’s start to make a difference. A vote for me as your Labour candidate is a vote for the future.


Julie is a former music teacher who now works as a lay advocate for parents’ rights. Julie and Tim were married in St Peter’s Church and have lived in Bengeworth for 20 years and raised their five children there.

Julie is devoted to fighting injustice within central and local government.

She said: "I am passionate about the scrutiny of public bodies and am keen to look closely at council processes. I offer to support all sections of the community and I want to enable all voters of whatever political colour the ability to take ownership of their area. I believe in a consultative process between councillor and voter which I don’t see currently.

“Please give me your vote so I have a mandate to stand up for your rights after consultation with you. In the last council, there were 40 Conservatives and five Lib Dems. We need more Lib Dem councillors to provide challenge and prevent complacency.


I’m Tim Haines and I’m standing for election to Wychavon District and Evesham Town Council in Bengeworth where I have lived for the last 20 years. I’ve been a Lib Dem since the 1990s and work for a former Birmingham Lib Dem MP, largely from home, and so I am in the area and available most of the time to meet with residents at times suitable to you.

If elected, I will try to revitalise the town by rationalising parking along the High Street and taking a good look at the traffic flow so as to try to eliminate the constant traffic jams. I will also press for new planning policies to make sure that essential infrastructure is in place before houses are occupied, and good quality homes are built.

Medical services and schools must be expanded to meet increased demand. Providing poor quality houses while the boss makes a mint does not solve the problem for any community.


I was born in Evesham and have lived for the last 20 years in the Bengeworth Ward area. I’m a Chartered Quantity Surveyor running a long-established surveying business based in Evesham.

Since 2007, I’ve served twice as a Councillor on Wychavon District Council, following on from over 40 years, involvement with a wide range of local organisations contributing to and supporting the local community, together with serving as a Director (and Chairman) of a local mutual insurance company.

I’m committed to supporting both past and future investment in the Evesham area including Waitrose, the Enlighten project, the Regal Cinema, parks improvements, leisure centre improvements and other schemes including ensuring development of the Lidl supermarket to serve both the local Bengeworth and surrounding area.

Future challenges include support for transformation of Evesham town centre including completion of the Enlighten project and working with other councils and agencies to address traffic problems.


I have lived in Bengeworth since 1998 and was born local to Evesham.

I’m a self-employed bookkeeper who has been privileged to have been your representative on Wychavon District Council since 2003 and has served on the council’s executive board since 2011.



My wife and I have loved this area for over 35 years and value the countryside and its heritage. We have enjoyed many canal walks from our home.

I believe the issues for everyone at this local election are not about party politics, but about preserving and enhancing the beautiful area in which we are all privileged to live. I have served two terms as a member of the Wychavon Planning Committee, where I have fought long and hard, speaking out, and voting, in support of local people with complex and difficult planning matters.

I have had the experience of representing Droitwich Spa as its Mayor, which enabled me to make contact with many neighbouring towns and parishes, and outside bodies such as the Police and Emergency Services, so that we could work together. As a professional engineer I am used to looking for straightforward and practical solutions to implement.

You can only elect a single Wychavon Councillor for Bowbrook – if it is me, then I promise I will listen to everyone's views, individually and at parish council meetings and events, and will work hard for all residents.


Margaret has lived in Bowbrook Ward at Tibberton for 30 years and has represented the area on Wychavon District Council since 1995. She chaired the environment committee for four years, and since 1999 she has been leader of the opposition.

She has supported residents on many issues including problems arising from housing, planning, noise from the M5, flooding, drainage and highways matters.

She has been pleased to support the establishment of a community shop in Crowle, a Community Land Trust in Tibberton, which has provided much needed affordable homes for local people, and the use of new homes bonus for a new roof for Himbleton Village Hall.

Her priorities for the future are to continue to listen to the concerns of local residents and to keep people informed about what is happening. In particular she will be looking to improve road safety, develop closer co-operation with the police and to continue to promote improvements to our environment.




I joined the Labour Party a year ago because I was drawn to the potential for change. I believe there is a greater opportunity for change now than ever before and we urgently need to make things better.

I have been a resident of Worcestershire for four years, I work here and my step-children go to schools in Worcestershire; local issues affect us all.

During my career I have worked for different parts of the government and appreciate how Austerity has damaged a whole range of public services from health and social care and education to environmental protection, the area in which I work.

If elected, I am hoping to use my experience and knowledge to support local residents meet these new challenges while retaining things that work. We all have the chance to listen and learn; let’s do so together.




I recently moved back to Broadway – a place close to my heart and it's where my husband Michael’s family have lived for more than fifty years.

I trained as a journalist working for both national and local publications and as such I’ve always had my pulse on the area in which I live. This passion for community issues and its residents lead to me standing in the Stroud district, where I previously lived.

My time as a district councillor gave me considerable experience with issues such as recycling, helping social tenants, chair of the community shop, and working with the youth club.

I’m thrilled to stand as the Conservative Party candidate for the Broadway & Wickhamford ward.

People, Place, Prosperity: these are the core values and ethos of my Conservative values. It’s really important to me that we look after local businesses, job growth and the environment - all issues essential for a thriving village and community for one and all.



I joined the Labour Party over thirty years ago and have been concerned that, until recently, Labour policies did little to challenge an increasingly unequal society.

Now there is a chance, under changed leadership, for local people to help create local and national policies.

I am a semi-retired professor of education and have lived in Broadway for 20 years.

For four years I was a member of the group that saved the Broadway Library from closure - libraries being crucial for children’s learning. I was a member of the governing body of the South Worcestershire FE College, encouraging young people in the area to stay in education and training.

Conservative council members are becoming disconnected from people’s lives, promising affordable housing despite small houses costing over £300,000, and reducing local bus services when increasing numbers of older people are dependent on public transport.



Drakes Broughton was my family home for 15 years in the 70s and early 80s, and I ran several local businesses. I then became a teacher of English as a foreign language and spent 25 years in France before moving back to Pershore four years ago. I am an active helper at the Pershore Foodbank and Number 8.

I believe councillors should listen to the people in their ward, understand their needs and work hard for them.

Drakes Broughton and the villages are in a beautiful area that deserves a councillor who will fight to protect its natural beauty, stand up for the needs of the rural economy and plan for the better integration of development.

Wychavon council currently has 40 Conservative councillors and five Lib Dems. We need more Lib Dem councillors to provide challenge and prevent complacency.

If elected key focuses for me would be to increase planning enforcement, keeping developers in check and ensuring that essential infrastructure is in place before houses are occupied, take action on local community transport and tackle poor social mobility in Wychavon.


I have lived in the parish of Drakes Broughton with my family for over sixteen years and have served as a parish councillor for the last three.

As such, I do understand the local needs and concerns, especially those relating to housing developments, the increase in traffic and the need for, and provision of local amenities.

If elected, I am committed to listening to everyone in the ward and will work hard to ensure that our community’s needs are well represented at Wychavon District Council.