I’ve been a town councillor since 1999 and district councillor since 2000, reluctantly standing down in 2015 due to illness. I'm now in full of health again, thanks to our wonderful NHS and looking forward to the next four years and more. I’m married to Wendy and have two sons and three grandchildren, all living in or near Evesham.

I ran a successful business in Evesham for 20 years, retiring in 2006.

I was town mayor in 2004/05 and was chairman of Wychavon District Council 2009/10. I’ve also been involved with many council committees and local organisations.

I’m standing for Wychavon District Council and Evesham Town Council. I want to be fully involved in the regeneration of Evesham town centre and I’m delighted Wychavon District Council is putting £50,000 to make sure Evesham town centre is fit for the future.

I live within Little Hampton Ward and I’m passionate about keeping the ward and Evesham one of the best places to live and work, not only in Wychavon but nationally. Charity Brook Park is very important to me and I’m absolutely delighted the BMX track is being brought up to date and will be back in full use ready for the Summer.


I joined the Labour Party in 2015, inspired by the change of leadership and the hope that we might now bring change to our increasingly unequal society.

As a social worker and resident, I see rises in local homelessness, in foodbanks and in people ‘just about managing’ and want to help make that change. Our Tory led councils are complacent and increasingly disconnected from people’s real lives. There is very little challenge to the impact on local matters of decisions made at higher levels.

Residents deserve much greater consultation on what affects them most, with greater accountability for, and transparency about, decisions made. This includes having local development policies that are innovative, constructive and led by local people who have experience of the issues involved. Labour councillors will make sure the voice of the community is heard and respected.


David Quayle is standing as a candidate for Wychavon District and Evesham Town Councils in Little Hampton ward in Evesham. While originally from the Isle of Man, he has lived in the ward now for 20 years. He has raised two children there (both of whom still live in the ward) and now has a one-year-old granddaughter.

He therefore has strong incentives to work hard for Little Hampton as a resident, parent and grandparent. He is both angered and saddened by the deterioration of the once lovely market town of Evesham – through 20 years of Tory clueless mismanagement and neglect.

The town is now a traffic gridlocked grind with a dead centre and needs urgent work to regenerate.

He is campaigning predominantly on the issues surrounding sustainable development – respecting the need for more housing, as long as it comes with the necessary increase in services to cope. He believes that while we cannot build communities, we can create places in which communities can flourish.


I have lived in Evesham for the last 25 years. I’m married to Birger, a Norwegian citizen and have 2 grown up children who both live locally. I spent 18 years working as a science teacher at a local high school, until I left 3 years ago. Now I do some private tutoring and help with my daughter’s fledgling new business.

Unlike many of the candidates standing in my ward, Little Hampton, I have very little experience of local government. However I do have bags of common sense, empathy and enthusiasm and a tenacious streak to get things changed. Gone are the days of just accepting how things are done as I’ll be asking ‘why, when, how, who.....’. I will not be just another voiceless cog in a bureaucratic machine.

I want to make sure we feel safe in our own homes by supporting local residents to set up Neighbourhood Watch schemes as well as campaigning for a greater police presence in Evesham. I will also be pressing county to introduce 20mph speed limits on the residential estates. I also understand first hand how difficult it is for young people to move into their own home and whilst new builds are sometimes inevitable I’ll be campaigning to make sure the infrastructure is improved before houses are built be that roads, schools or healthcare facilities.


I’ve lived in Evesham all my life. I’m married to John and I have two married daughters and two grandchildren. I’ve been a town councillor for 16 years, mayor of Evesham in 2005; a district councillor for eight years and I was chairman of Wychavon District Council in 2016.

I led the successful “Save Our Hospital” campaign to keep Evesham Hospital open during my term as mayor of Evesham in 2005, culminating in a 33,000-signature petition being presented to Downing Street.

I’m also chairman of the organising committee for the Evesham Festival of Music, which this year will take place on June 19 to 22. The festival promotes local talent, with local schools participating, the young Musician of the year competition, fringe events and the Gala Night/Last Night of the Proms concert.

I continue to work as chairman of the Friends of Evesham Community Hospital, raising much needed funding for equipment not supplied by the NHS and I oversee the running of the hospital shop.

I’m currently vice chairman of Wychavon’s localism and community advisory panel (which gives grants to community projects); a member of the overview and scrutiny Panel; Wychavon’s health-lead representative on the county council’s health scrutiny committee and chairman of Wychavon’s licensing committee.




Tom works as a solicitor and is married with a young daughter. He has lived in the Droitwich area for a number of years and now lives in Lovett and North Claines ward.

He is concerned by the chronic underinvestment in public services by the Conservatives locally and nationally. For far too many people the social safety net is not working as it should. The Conservatives have presided over disastrous welfare reforms which have left families unable to make ends meet, coupled with policing cuts that have left our communities feeling less safe. The sad fact is that our society is now not functioning as it should. Liberal Democrats demand better than this.

The five Liberal Democrat councillors on Wychavon District Council last year highlighted the district’s poor performance on social mobility having been ranked 310th out of 324 councils. The Conservative Executive Board has now agreed to allocate money towards giving every child an equal chance in life. Vote for Tom and Judith to strengthen the challenge and prevent complacency.


Judith has lived in Salwarpe for the last 34 years and, with husband Patrick, has brought up their four children there. A former music teacher, she actively supports many local organisations including Fair Trade Droitwich and Salwarpe WI.

She has become increasingly concerned about the large scale developments that have been taking place in Lovett and North Claines ward without adequate infrastructure which is currently causing disruption to local residents.

The review of the South Worcestershire Development Plan will be an important issue for Wychavon District Council for the next two years and if elected Judith will be supporting policies that ensure that development does not go ahead until suitable road access, drainage and other basic services are put in place, and to ensure that enforcement action is taken against developers that contravene these restrictions. Judith is also concerned that the new communities should get support and help from existing organisations as services and facilities will be stretched.


I am standing as a Green Party candidate for Lovett and North Claines as I believe it is important for people to have the opportunity to vote for a party that is concerned about the future of our communities at a local and global level.

The Green Party already holds the balance of power or is the official opposition in a number of West Midlands councils, and we need to enable to hold councillors in Wychavon to account over their policies and plans.

As a councillor I would work hard all year round to serve the best interests of the communities of Lovett and North Claines.


I have served in the role as Councillor for Lovett and North Claines for over 20 years. I began in 1995 campaigning against a development in Fernhill Heath with little knowledge of the inner workings of council. Since then I have gained the necessary experience and knowledge required to be a voice for the community.

I have successfully lobbied for road improvements and I work with the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust to improve the habitat and to manage our waterways.

My various roles within Wychavon include licensing, planning and overview and scrutiny.

I am active in caring for our environment, which has been a passion of mine since my very early days as a sub-aqua diver.

If elected, I will continue to be the voice to represent all the residents within my ward remaining active and available at all times.


I have been impressed by the clear vision made by Wychavon District Council in its investment strategy and ability to have one of the lowest council tax precepts in the country providing excellent services.

Together with its focuses on maintaining a strong urban design and improving social mobility and transport options, I am keen to contribute towards these goals in a more direct way by becoming a district councillor.

I am clerk to my local parish council which has given me the opportunity of getting involved with planning applications, grants, finance and other matters relating to a small rural parish.

My aim if elected would be to represent all the people of Lovett and North Claines Ward, working with residents, parish councils, businesses and community groups to achieve a high level of service and support.



I live in Ombersley with my wife Kim and our two adult children. We are active members of St. Andrew’s Church and volunteer for The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

My career has spanned engineering, accountancy, change management and outsourcing and I hope these skills will help me provide strong oversight of the work performed by Wychavon and assist in improving services for residents.

Ombersley and Doverdale are beautiful places with friendly, supportive communities. If elected I will ensure local residents and businesses are well represented and the area continues to successfully combine opportunities for work, housing and leisure. I shall also work hard to make sure that the views of the parish council are understood at the District level.

Under the Conservatives, Wychavon Council has continuously delivered good services at low cost. I hope you will vote on 2nd May to enable us to further progress that record.


I'm 31 years old and was born in the Ombersley and Doverdale Ward. After graduation from university I lived in various places around the country but returned 3 years ago. I work locally as a chartered engineer.

The issues in the ward that compelled me to stand are the extremely busy A449, in particular the risks to people on bicycles, local renewable energy generation schemes and the community aspects of the development at Ombersley Court.

I want to see local business thrive but not at the expense of local residents' quality of life. I believe that local politics often has the most immediate and direct impact on people's lives and it is where the biggest difference can be made.



Dan Boatright is a geography and geology teacher at a Sixth Form College. After completing his PhD at Liverpool University, he worked at a college on the Isle of Wight before moving to Worcestershire in 2012. He is married to Nick and they live in Pinvin.

He said: “Coming from a military family, I moved frequently during my childhood, experiencing the barriers that rural communities still face today.

"Pershore is a fantastic town but opportunities are unfairly distributed between the haves and have nots. As the only member of my family to go to university I know the issues young people experience to get to their chosen qualifications, and understand the need for consistent public transport.

"The need for affordable housing is more apparent every year with house prices rising and very few under 40’s able to buy homes. I aim to ensure that houses are built for need, not greed, and that house builders are held to their obligations when redeveloping our roads and infrastructure.”


Carolyn Harford has lived in Pershore for seven years. She was a Liberal Democrat councillor on Hereford and Worcester County Council for 13 years, and served four years as vice chairman of the education committee. She has also served as a Wychavon District Councillor. She currently serves as volunteer co-ordinator for the Pershore Foodbank.

Carolyn said: “It’s good to see that Pershore’s small shops have survived austerity for the most part. The market is a vital part of our retail space and a real community in its own right. Lib Dems have led the calls for Wychavon to buy it on behalf of the town. But we mustn't forget that there are increasing numbers who have found it necessary to call on Pershore’s Foodbank and on charities that support those in need.

"It’s something I never thought would happen here.”


I retired to the area a few years ago and I am now an active and enthusiastic parish councillor in Wyre Piddle.

I have a strong sense of social justice; I believe in treating everyone fairly, with compassion and dignity.

I joined the Labour Party 20 years ago as I felt then, and still do, that it reflects my values. Whilst living in Warwick I was a district councillor for over 10 years, a town councillor and mayor of Warwick in 2006/7.

I want to see a Labour government in power to put right all the wrongs this Conservative government has inflicted on this country over the past eight years.

I want to be part of the change that this country so desperately needs.

If elected I look forward to working on local issues so that together we can make Pershore and Wychavon fairer, kinder and more prosperous.


I was born in Pershore, live in Pershore and work in Pershore. The chance to run for election to represent my neighbours, friends and family is one I couldn’t pass up.

The ongoing Station Road debacle has rightly been a talking point here. As someone who lives facing the infamous traffic lights, it’s a constant reminder of what happens when people’s concerns are ignored, and big business isn’t held to account.

However, Pershore also has a social mobility problem. It needs to think about its future infrastructure, and we need to preserve or enhance our natural environment to pass on to the next generation. These are the issues I would like the opportunity to pursue. I simply want to work hard for and help the people with whom I grew up, work, and live alongside.


Charles Tucker has served as a District councillor in Pershore for many years, representing the whole town since 2003. He lives at Throckmorton with his wife Liz, who is also county councillor for Pershore. He is a town councillor and was mayor in 2012-14.

He said: “Pershore faces many challenges at present, particularly the tensions and disruption caused by housebuilding north of the town. The Link Road over the railway is crucial to reducing the resulting traffic congestion in Station Road. With the review of the SWDP now underway I see it as my job to make sure that Wychavon gives proper attention to this and to the importance of keeping Pershore the lovely town it has always been.

Wychavon also faces challenges, particularly the need to address poor social mobility and replace declining bus services with new forms of local transport to serve individuals and communities.

As a Liberal Democrat I see it as my job to make sure these issues stay at the forefront of council activity.”


I am passionate about Pershore and will do my best to keep it thriving by encouraging local events involving local people helping support our High Street with its many independent shops which in turn provide meeting points for all ages who could easily become isolated.

We have a lovely town with public green spaces maintained by not only local authorities but dedicated volunteers. Monday mornings usually find me serving coffee in Number 8 our fantastic centre for the arts and theatre, run by dozens of volunteers assisting a few paid staff. There are also sports for all age groups – cricket, football, rugby, swimming, tennis, canoeing, walking to mention a few so no excuse to be unhealthy or bored.

During my years serving as both a town and district councillor I have always attempted to solve residents’ problems and will continue to do so if re-elected although no guarantees of success.



I’ve lived in Wychavon my entire life so I’m well aware of the challenges facing the rural parts of our district. Throughout this campaign I’ve spoken to hundreds of residents on the doorstep about local issues affecting Pinvin. From speeding in Pinvin and Bishampton to tackling rural crime, I’ll work with the parish councils, local authorities and the police to address these issues.

I’m committed to supporting the following key priorities: ensuring the right type of housing developments are built in the ward. No one wants to see developments which don’t fit in with local area.

I'm also committed to support projects to boost social mobility. I believe everyone deserves a chance to get on in life and reach their full potential, no matter their background.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but maybe now is the time for a fresh pair of eyes to help tackle longstanding issues affecting Pinvin.


Liz Tucker was first elected to Wychavon District Council in 1991 and has represented Pinvin Ward since 2007. She has served as county councillor for this area since 1981. Throughout that time she has worked closely with residents and parish councils on a huge range of issues including leading the campaign for the Northern Link road, now coming to fruition, the fight against an asylum centre on Throckmorton airfield, numerous planning issues and individual problems. She has lived in Throckmorton with husband Charles since 1975.

Liz said: “The South Worcestershire Development Plan review is underway and I want Wychavon to put far more effort into explaining their decisions to residents and making clear where the power of decision and/or influence lies in each case – national, Local Plan or committee. Planning conditions must be properly enforced. House building decisions must be to meet need not greed – affordable houses not more five bedroom houses.

"We must improve support and opportunities for young people to help them achieve their best. We must create more transport options for people without cars to go about their lives."



A country girl at heart, I moved to the Vale five years ago, having previously spent most of my life in rural Suffolk.

After becoming disillusioned with mainstream politics, I decided to join the Green Party who are an increasingly relevant and influential force in local government. I am standing for office to give residents in The Littletons ward an alternative choice of candidate and to offer a voice to those feeling unrepresented in the district.

Now retired from a career in financial administration, I can dedicate my time to serving the locality.

If elected to be your councillor, I will ensure that the concerns of our small rural communities are not overlooked. I will advocate for an improvement in local services and with the Green Party's

environmental credentials, you know that I will champion the preservation of our beautiful countryside for the future benefit and enjoyment of us all.




I have represented the communities of Upton Snodsbury ward as their District Councillor continuously since 2007. During my 12 years at Wychavon I have been chairman of the council, chairman of planning, school governor, board member of the Worcestershire LEP and LGA plus leader of the council.

My utmost priority is and always has been to serve our area to the best of my ability.

This has included being actively involved with flooding alleviation schemes, setting up a community run shop, dealing with contentious industrial scale farming and planning applications plus enabling the creation of public open space at Flyford Green.

I regularly attend your parish council and village meetings and keep you all well informed through annual newsletters delivered to your door and with my online blog. My enthusiasm for the role remains undiminished and I am always ready to offer advice and share my considerable experience with you.


Born and raised in Worcestershire, Nick Wiltshire understands what makes our rural communities so unique and is keen to serve the local area to both protect their heritage and promote their future.

With over two thirds of seats held by Conservatives at both county and district level, Nick is keen to see a variety of voices from other parties in the council. He believes that local politics should be formed not by national policies but by a variety of different perspectives working together to listen to the community and build manifestos that respond to specific local needs.

After attending university, Nick worked in London for nine years before returning home to Pershore to be near his family. Nick is a marketing manager for a national retailer, he is married to Dan and they live in Pinvin with their two dogs.