THE CONSERVATIVES maintained its firm grip on power at Wychavon District Council despite losing seats.

The Green Party made history in Evesham South by achieving its first two councillors on the district council with Julie Tucker and Ed Cohen topping the vote and swiping two seats from the Conservatives.

Evesham North remained in Conservative control with Peter Griffiths and Robert Raphael bagging both seats - despite both Tory candidates being pushed hard by Evesham Independent candidate Gary Hale finishing just 15 votes behind Peter Griffiths and fellow Independent Emma Nishigaki finishing in fourth just 46 votes behind the Conservative.

Over in Pershore, the Liberal Democrats gained an extra two councillors to join Cllr Charles Tucker. All three Liberal Democrat candidates polled more than 1,000 votes with Carolyn Harford securing 1,082 and Dan Boatright gathering 1,065 to join Cllr Tucker's 1,234 votes.

The big win by the Liberal Democrats meant Cllr Val Wood lost her seat by 109 votes in a blow for the Conservatives and the vacant seat left by Cllr Tony Rowley, who coincidentally was re-elected in Fladbury for the Conservatives, was also taken up by a Lib Dem.

The final seat to be lost by the Conservatives in Wychavon was the seat left behind by Cllr Bradley Thomas, leader of the district council, in Broadway and Wickhamford. Independent candidate Nigel Robinson bagged the seat with 914 votes.

Cllr Thomas was elected unopposed in Norton and Whittington.

The leader of the council said: "On balance, I'm really pleased that Conservative voters upheld. We have got a strong raft of Conservative councillors coming back to Wychavon and I think that's the most important thing."

Cllr Thomas added the results would allow the Conservatives to continue with the "good work" it has been doing in and around Wychavon.

The losses by the Conservatives leaves the council currently made up of 36 Conservatives, six Liberal Democrats, two Greens and one Independent.

Cllr Liz Tucker was re-elected in Pinvin with 719 votes - 414 votes ahead of Conservative Joshua Godfrey.

Margaret Rowley, leader of the council's Lib Dem group, was re-elected in Bowbrook with a majority of 269, fighting off Cllr Bob Brookes from the Conservatives who gave up his Droitwich East seat.

Cllr Rowley said she was "very pleased" the Liberal Democrat vote had increased across Wychavon and the party had gained two new councillors.

She said the extra Liberal Democrat voice in the council would help bring the Conservatives to account.

Despite the losses elsewhere, the Conservatives kept control of all five of the Droitwich districts. Cllr Richard Morris was re-elected in Droitwich South East alongside John Grady.

John Hartley was elected in Droitwich Central with 215 votes, 35 ahead of Labour's Alan Humphries. Eric Bowden and Alex Sinton were both elected in Droitwich East for the Conservatives whilst Cllr Richard Morris was re-elected in Droitwich South East alongside his Tory colleague John Grady.

In Droitwich South West, David Morris and Matthew Hartley were both elected for the Conservatives.

Cllr George Duffy and Jenny Chaudry were both elected in Droitwich West for the Conservatives.

The Conservatives held onto Great Hampton with Ged Bearcroft and both Emma Stokes and Martin King in Bengeworth.