THE Euro elections have been a triumph for the Brexit Party both nationally and in our own West Midlands region.

The party has taken three of the region's seven seats on 38 per cent of the vote, with one each going to Labour, Lib Dem, Green and Conservative.

Our new Euro-MPs are Rupert Lowe, Martin Daubney and Andrew Kerr of the Brexit Party, Labour 's Neena Gill, Lib Dem

Phil Bennion, Green Ellie Chowns and Conservative Anthea McIntyre.

At the last election, in 2014, UKIP won three seats, and Labour and Conservative two each.

The Brexit Party's surge in the West Midlands reflects the trend across the rest of the country, which saw the party as the clear winner.

Support for both the Labour Party and the Conservatives fell sharply, while the the Lib Dems did very well, coming in second nationally.