A MUM of three has used a scalp cooling treatment to keep her hair during chemotherapy.

Karen Lacey, who has a daughter aged 20 and twin boys aged 16, said her world came crashing down after her after being diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine breast screening.

The 53 year-old from Broadway decided to use the treatment at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in an attempt to keep her hair. She wore the PAXMAN Scalp Cooling System before, during and after her chemotherapy sessions.

Karen said: “When I was told I had cancer I felt like I’d been hit by a steam train at full speed. I was advised that I would lose my hair during chemotherapy treatment, so I arranged for a consultation with a wig specialist. In the meantime, I also researched about hair loss and that’s how I found out about the PAXMAN Scalp Cooling System.”

Hair loss is a well-known side effect of many chemotherapy regimens, with many patients claiming it is the most traumatic aspect of their treatment. Scalp cooling provides the only real alternative to hair loss resulting in a high level of retention or complete hair preservation.

During chemotherapy Karen treated her hair with the PAXMAN shampoo and conditioner and says although she did experience some hair loss, her family and friends didn’t seem to notice.

Karen’s advice to anyone having scalp cooling treatment is they need to be very proactive and speak up if they don’t feel that the cap has been fitted correctly or if it hasn’t been tightened sufficiently.

Karen said: “I persevered with the scalp cooling process and bizarrely enough, my hair actually grew during treatment. Retaining my hair gave me such a confidence boost and I never had to wear my wig. During treatment I took up the position of Examinations Invigilator at a local school and to have my hair was amazing - I was able to walk amongst the students with confidence.”

Karen said that she considers herself very lucky and would 100% recommend scalp cooling to others.