The Producers - Mel Brooks’ outrageously comic musical - promises audiences a summer evening of searing satire from Pershore’s Operatic & Dramatic Society, otherwise known as PODS.

The hilarious plot centres around ill-fated theatre producer Max Bialystock (Paul Tapley) and accountant Leo Bloom (Steve Miller) who turn con men.

A spokesman said: “They scheme to produce the worst musical Broadway’s seen, get it financed and make off with the spoils before it inevitably flops.

“With “Springtime for Hitler” their choice of sure-fire loser, what could go wrong?”

But will it all be in the best possible taste?

The spokesman added: “The script – a serial offender against political correctness – combines satire with spectacle.

“From in-your-face dance sequences to laugh-out-loud songs

and slapstick, the show will be a joy, and all done in the best possible taste!”

So now we know.

Evening performances start at 7.30 p.m. from Monday June 10 to Saturday June 15.

Tickets are available from Number 8 Box Office, or by phoning

01386 555488 or visit