The speaker on June 13 was our member Grenville Burrows on the subject of Myths and Legends of Jersey. He explained the location of the Channel Islands and that their allegiance to the British Crown dates from Eleanor of Aquitaine’s lands in France. When these were lost by King John, the islands remained the sole survivor. To this day the Queen is Duke of Normandy. Taking his inspiration from a set of stamps he outlined the story of six legends with photographs of the sites, stories of fairies moving the site of a church, of witches, of the ghostly carriage of a jilted bride, of a savage dog, of a sea sprite and of a dragon. These tales were interspersed with various other interesting sights on the island, such as the Corbière lighthouse, relics of the German occupation during the Second World War, the zoo created by Gerald Durrell including the statue of the gorilla Jambo who stood guard over a boy who had fallen into the enclosure and was knocked unconscious, Samarès Manor with its spectacular gardens and finally the rocks twelve miles south of the island known as Les Minquiers which featured in a novel by Hammond Innes, “The wreck of the Mary Deare”. This was an imaginative and well-researched talk, presented in Grenville’s inimitable style. We meet every Thursday at 10:00 at The Boathouse, Evesham Rowing Club. Next week we hold our summer lunch and on 27th June our member George Bourne will be speaking about “The Perils of Music”. Full details can be found on our website,