AFTER over coming postnatal depression a woman climbed a mountain for a charity that supports sufferers.

Rhiannon Eling, a OneFitMama instructor and personal trainer, along with GP, Dr Baxter of Abbotswood Medical Centre, Pershore climbed Scafell Pike.

The walk was to raise much needed funds for the OneFitMama’s Charitable Trust. (OFM)

Dr Baxter and Rhiannon have been working closely together to try and promote the postnatal depression referral scheme locally across Worcester and Pershore. Rhiannon, mum of two experienced postnatal depression with her first child, and antenatal depression with her second. “PND is a dark place and it’s so hard to feel like you, I wish OFM had been around in Worcester after the birth of my first child in 2012. Exercise was a massive part of my recovery and being able to take my baby with me to a class would have been the best.

I attended the classes after the birth of my daughter in 2017 and loved the classes so much I jumped at the chance to take over the Worcester and Pershore Franchise in 2018. As a qualified personal trainer this just seemed like the perfect move for me and I haven’t looked back, it really has helped massively with my recovery and helping other mums is a real honour.The OFM Charitable Trust is simply amazing. We are very lucky to be able to offer our mums who are most in need free classes through our health care professional referral scheme.”

To sponsor the cause visit To find out about your local classes and the referral scheme please contact Rhiannon on