A “PROLIFIC offender” made a return to court and was jailed for more than two years after another 13 offences came to light.

Convicted burglar Paul Butler narrowly escaped jail in March for being a lookout in a house raid, but this time knew he was facing an inevitable jail sentence.

Omar Majid QC, prosecuting, went through all the offences that took place last year during the sentencing hearing held at Worcester Crown Court yesterday.

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In July 2018, Butler received a stolen Mitsubishi car, which had been taken from a farm in Peopleton. The car was taken to a Tesco in Redditch, and a card in a wallet in the vehicle was used by the 21-year-old to withdraw £500.

Just a few days later a packet of tissues was taken from another vehicle, with the theft traced to Butler through checking CCTV.

On August 24, Butler stole the bike of a 13-year-old left outside McDonald’s in Worcester city centre.

Mr Majid said: “The bike cost £100, and was used by the boy to go to school.”

On October 8, in Gorse Hill, Worcester, Butler stole a van with its trailer, and used two credit cards in a wallet in the vehicle to make a number of transactions.

And on March 19 this year a vehicle, stolen in Stow-on-the-Wold and passed to Butler, was spotted being filled up at a garage in Droitwich by him and was driven off without making payment.

Mr Majid said Butler had also admitted stealing a quad bike from a farm in Hindlip, asking for that to be taken into consideration.

Judith Kenney QC, defending Butler, highlighted he had been sentenced to 16 months suspended for two years in March for burglary, but the judge was not made aware of these offences that “obviously were in the pipeline”.

In that offence, Butler, of Smite Caravan Park, Pershore Lane, Hindlip, was linked to a burglary in Haselor Lane, near Evesham, where a claw hammer was brandished.

Ms Kenney pointed out he was young and had been misled, and stressed a breach of the suspended sentence order was not down to any further offended, but disobedience. She added he simply had not complied with the order, and he had not given a satisfactory reason to her why.

Sentencing him, his honour Judge Robert Juckes said: “A judge previously suspended the sentence. I’m putting myself in his shoes - if he knew about all of these other offences it would not have been suspended. It is prolific offending.”

Butler was given a 26 month jail sentence and disqualified from driving for a year.

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