A DOCTOR is taking on a huge cycling challenge for a charity that helps disabled people get out and have fun.

Dr. Mark Warren, from Bredon, an admirer of the work of the charity Event Mobility, will endure a solo bike ride from Land’s End to John o’Groats. He is aware how lucky he is to be able to enjoy good mobility and with luck and generous amounts of hard work he will pedal 1173 miles over 11 days to complete his journey.

Mr Warren would like to raise funds for the Pershore based charity which helps people with limited mobility to continue to go to events and shows and enjoy the things that more mobile people take for granted.

Mr Warren sets off on Wednesday (July 24). He said: "I aim for it to take 11 days. I was 50 this year and I wanted to do something significant. I wanted to do something for a small local charity and I learned about Event Mobility.

They work at lots of outdoor events, and some big events like The Grand Prix and Glastonbury, providing mobility scooters so people can enjoy a good day out. They employ about six people full time but they help about 8,000 people a year.They are increasingly in demand and I thought if I raise money for them I can help them with their long term goals."

Mr Warren has set his sights on raising £5,000. "I am looking forward to it. It will be a great way to see the country I live in. It will be hard work but I am in a privileged position in that I'm fortunate to be healthy and I can do this sort of thing, whereas some people can't. So I feel that I can do something useful and help people less fortunate."

Gavin Thomas and the rest of The University of Worcester's sports science department have supported Mr Warren, giving him fitness tests and nutritional advice.

Echelon Cycles in Pershore have also supported him, with generous discounts on cycling gear.

Mr Warren said: "It is going to be tough. To ride 100 miles every day is a big enough challenge, but doing it back to back without a day off for 11 days will be tough."

Event Mobility was established in 1998 and was the brain child of the founder, Bryan Lupton, who had MS and could no longer enjoy certain events. With the use of a loaned mobility scooter he was, once again, able to enjoy what more mobile people could and decided this facility should be available at events throughout the country.

To donate visit justgiving.com/event-mobility