A DAD broke into his ex-partner's home wielding a baseball bat and threatening to kill while high on amphetamines.

Pavel Okunski also threatened PC Escobar with a concrete block after asking him for money to buy drugs.

The 33-year-old accepted charges of using threatening words or behaviour with intent to cause fear of unlawful violence, affray and criminal damage when appearing in court last month.

He had committed the break-in while on a conditional discharge for wielding a baseball bat and wearing a Scream-style ghostface mask in Evesham town centre, for which he was in breach of.

Okunski, who is currently homeless, had gained access to his ex-partner's home in St Johns Close, Evesham, on November 16 last year and later threatened PC Escobar on June 15 this year.

Referring to the latter case, Nicola Ritchie, prosecuting, said at 8.30pm the defendant asked the officer for £10 to buy some amphetamines.

When the PC refused, Okunski said he was homeless and actually wanted the money to buy food, before leaving the area.

Later that night, PC Escobar came across the defendant again “screaming in the street” and on approaching him, Okunski “picked up a large piece of concrete” and “made as if to throw it” at him.

“The defendant then dropped the concrete and ran off,” continued Ms Ritchie.

Turning to the offences last November, the prosecutor said Okunski turned up at his ex-partner’s home, where her mum and mum’s partner, as well as the son she shares with the defendant, were also staying, at around 1.30am.

Okunski’s ex-partner was woken by the “sound of the bat banging” against the front door, before going downstairs to find him in the living room, holding a “large black baseball bat”.

He had smashed the glass panels on the front door.

“He has raised the bat and she thought he was going to hit her with it,” said Ms Ritchie.

“He has then shouted: ‘I will kill you, it’s a movie. Come on, I will show you.’”

The victim’s mum and her partner then came downstairs, having been woken by her screaming, to find the defendant standing with the bat “above his head”.

He then started shouting: “I will smash your heads” and was told to get out of the house and eventually he did, said Ms Ritchie.

Neighbours were woken up by the commotion and he was seen outside the property “pacing up and down with the baseball bat” before getting into a car and driving away.

The Scream mask incident had taken place on March 20 this year, and had seen him “swinging” the bat while he also “had his middle finger up to members of the public”.

Police officers feared for the safety of those in the town centre and he was arrested.

The mask had the f-word written in marker pen on the front.

The court heard that Pawel has no officially diagnosed mental health issues and uses amphetamines around once a week when he has the money, having been introduced to them by a former partner.

Miss Taylor, defending, said he told her he is “quite happy to keep using them for the time being” as they bring him comfort, as does living close to nature.

She said her client had lost his job in 2018 and has “significant debts” and recently got out of an abusive relationship, in which an ex-partner allegedly cut his face and hand with a knife.

“He accepts he went into that house. He should not have done that. He is very remorseful for his actions.”

She said the drugs had made him delusional and “in his mind, they were at risk and he had to get into that house to rescue them from that risk”.

She said Okunski believed he was in a film, explaining why he kept saying “it’s a movie, I will explain, let’s go, let’s go” which “made absolutely no sense”.

Miss Taylor said the bat was not to be used for violence, “if anything the bat was to do criminal damage to get into the property”.

Chair of the bench Dr Carys Clarke gave Okunski a 12-month community order, including 140 hours unpaid work and 20 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days.

He was also ordered to pay an £85 victim surcharge.