A WELLBEING hub will offer support and advice on a range of issues as well as "someone to talk to."

Judy Dale, a retired doctor in Pershore, together with a working group set up by Pershore Town Council, has been working on the hub that will be based in the town. "The function will be sign posting, not just for people with health problems, but people who may be feeling isolated which can lead to problems. It will be a place to sign post people, letting them know where they can go and what they can do."

Dr Dale said the hub can offer advice or signposting on a range of things such as how to be healthier, how to stop smoking, weight loss and social problems as well as giving information on local clubs or clinics.

Dr Dale said: "Sometimes people can feel better just from having someone to talk to. This will be a great asset to the town. It isn't going to take over or replace health services. They are working with us."

Local residents, supported by both GP practices, patient representatives and other Healthcare professionals have been working enthusiastically towards creating the wellbeing hub over the past months. The idea came out of the Town Plan adopted by both Town and District Councils in 2018. Dr Dale said the townspeople suggested "a nice informal place where people can drop in. Then we would be able to help people go and find things for themselves. "

"We found that Pershore is a place that is full of things happening but people didn't know these things existed."

The hub's Staff, although volunteers will be vetted, and trained in listening skills, confidentiality, signposting and safeguarding, with the lead roles going to people with NHS experience. But Dr Dale said the hub will be a non clinical and informal place where visitors can "drop in for a chat and a cup of tea."

The Hub will be open in the new year at a location in the town.