A PLAN for a new 24/7 petrol station on a major road in Pinvin was narrowly approved.

The petrol station, car wash and shop would be built on the side of the A44 between Pinvin and Wyre Piddle despite concerns about the potential for speeding cars to crash into exiting lorries and other large vehicles.

Councillor Liz Tucker, who represents Pinvin, said there was “great concern” about the new petrol station by residents, there was “no powerful case” for its need and believed it would do “real damage” to the area.

Cllr Tucker said she was “sure in her bones” that allowing a new petrol station would lead to further development near the roundabout and further developments would eventually drift up the bypass.

Highways bosses at Worcestershire County Council said there was no evidence that the road or junction is unsafe and there had been no record of any accidents on that stretch of road.

Wychavon District Council’s planning committee was split over the plan by seven votes to seven but committee chairman Cllr David Wilkinson used his casting vote to give the plan the thumb’s up.

Cllr Tony Rowley said it was not up to the planning committee to decide whether the petrol station was viable.

He said the major route was not “over-blessed” with petrol stations and he would be supporting the application.

Permission to build a new petrol station on the site was granted by the district council in 2009 but plans never got off the ground.

Applicant Crosslikey Supermarket said the three petrol stations in Pershore would not be affected as people driving along the A44 would most likely avoid the town centre.

Pinvin Parish Council and Wyre Piddle Parish Council both objected to the plan and said there was no need for a new petrol station.

The planning meeting took place on August 22.