In our weekly series, Jessica Charles unveils some of the quirkiest, most interesting properties in the area. This week she investigates an unusual home that is yet to be built.

A PROPOSAL for an eco house has been put forward.

The proposal is to build a three bedroomed eco house and garage studio with parking.

The application, which is pending approval from Wychavon Council says it will be in a "sustainable location, utilising the applicants garden with access onto Smokey lane."

The proposed location is currently a garden on White Gate House, Sunnyside, Main Road, Cropthorne Pershore.

Features of the home include LED hooded lighting to minimise light pollution. Light pollution is the presence of artificial light during the night which hinders our ability to see the stars. It also interferes with our ability to study the sky.

The home will also have a solar roof with zinc waterproofing and photovoltaic panels (solar panels) to maximise both income and efficiency.

These panels convert sunlight directly into electricity. This is a renewable energy source and and having solar panels can reduce a home owner's energy bills.

The home will also have triple glazed windows with thermally broken aluminium to increase insulation. These will be finished in grey.

Eco homes are environmentally friendly with sustainable materials such as recycled timbers and metals, and tend to have much lower running costs.

Those hoping to build an eco-conscious home tend to use as many locally sources materials as they can, as oppose to materials that require transportation from over seas.