A PAIR of bungling thieves travelled all the way from Wales to steal energy bars from a shop.

Michael Price and David Avery, both from Cardiff, appeared before magistrates in Worcester on August 29 charged with stealing £116 worth of energy bars from B&M in Evesham.

On May 1 this year, Price and Avery came over from Cardiff and stole a box containing the bars from the store.

Security guards watched them take the box and get into Avery’s Nissan Juke, which was being driven by Price at the time, and called the police.

Eventually the pair were tracked to the A449 between Ledbury and Ross-On-Wye, where they were pulled over and arrested.

Price faced an additional charge relating to driving Avery’s car without insurance, already having six penalty points on his driving licence.

The court heard how Avery, 36, of Channel View Road, Cardiff, lives with his parents and worked in a factory in Cardiff before losing his job.

The pair stole the energy bars because Price, 42, of Oakley Place, Cardiff, has a former brother in law who works in physical education.

Price has 25 convictions for 42 previous offences, and Avery has no previous convictions.

Chair of the bench Judy Hulland addressed Avery first, saying: “For your part in the theft you will be fined £40, a victim surcharge of £30 and your half of the value of the stolen bars, £58.38.”

The court heard how Avery had "effectively left school at 14" and was living with his parents after losing his job at a factory.

He was also ordered to pay £100 in costs.

To Price, Mrs Hulland said: “For the theft you will be fined £40, a victim surcharge of £30 and and costs of £100.

“For the offence of driving without a licence, you will pay a £120 fine and your £58.38 half of the bars’ value.”