HIT show Poldark was the inspiration for wedding guests when the bride and groom opted for a historical theme.

Graham Fish and Susan Carlisle tied the knot with a twist at Pirton Church last month.

Mr Fish said: “The idea came from watching an episode of Poldark where I liked the coat (Frock coat) Poldark was wearing, however I didn’t like his trousers tucked into his boots. On further investigation, slightly after this period, the English gentleman used to wear frock coats but with smart trousers and shoes, so this was the look we wanted.”

Mr Fish said: “From there on the whole theme became Edwardian, the invitations that were sent out and the font used all came from that period.”

“We tried to get a car from that period. We just happened to be driving past a house in the next village, we saw the car and Susan said, ‘that’s the type of car.’

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The couple chatted to the owner who was happy to let them have the car for the wedding.

Mr Fish said: “He even got it professionally spray painted for the day which was very kind of him.”

Mr Fish said: “About 85 percent of people dressed up in Edwardian-themed costumes. I decided to grow a handlebar moustache. I have never grown facial hair in my life so I didn’t know how long it would take. I started nine months prior to the wedding. I shaved it off three days into the honeymoon so I could eat ice cream again.”

Mr Fish is a quality engineer and Mrs Carlisle is an accountant. Both are 54, live in Pirton and have been together for six years.

Mr Fish said: “Ironically we met on a dating site called Plenty of Fish, and my surname is Fish.”

Mrs Carlisle used to be a rally driver and was on a lady’s team.

The wedding reception was held in a marquee in the couple’s garden. There were singing waiters, a magician, a live band and later a disco.

Mr Fish said: “It was fantastic, we were really lucky with the weather. The feedback has been excellent."