A MUM threatened to kill a police officer and spat in her eye in a "disgusting" attack.

Dawn Connors made PC Nadia White feel ‘disgusted and upset’ after spitting in her eye and on her face, Worcester Magistrates Court heard as the 45-year-old admitted common assault on the officer.

Emily Clewer, prosecuting, said: “On September 15, just after 6pm Miss Connors had been arrested in relation to a separate matter. PC Nadia White was sat in the back of a police car with the defendant while she was being taken to Worcester custody suite.

"Miss Connors told the officers in the car how they needed to wash, they were ugly, and other insults.

“The defendant became more aggressive and abusive towards PC White, calling her ‘disgusting’ and ‘scum’.”

After spitting at PC White, Connors said to the officers 'Pull into Waitrose because I’m going to kill her'.

The court heard how PC White had been upset by the spitting, because she “didn’t know if this person had any transmittable diseases” and she experienced some discomfort to her eye, before going to get it washed out with a solution.

Chris Aggrey, defending, said: “This is a heinous, despicable, disgusting offence. She has expressed remorse this morning. Miss Connors, on the day in question, was arrested for a separate matter that did not go anywhere. On her arrest she knew she hadn’t done anything wrong – she became upset.”

Mr Aggrey said Connors had been struggling with her mental health and on the morning of the offence had learned her son had been arrested.

The incident resulted in police having to cuff Connors hands and feet and forcing her to the ground, making her ‘petrified’, he added.

Connors, of Main Road, Cropthorne, near Pershore, who appeared in court on Thursday, October 10, was given a six-month community order with a curfew and told to pay compensation of £100 to PC White.

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