AN elderly woman ended up in hospital for 12 days after her scooter got stuck due to the selfish parking of an "inconsiderate driver."

Mary Laird, aged 86, found herself trapped after she tried to squeeze her scooter past a car that was blocking the dropped kerb.

She fell and broke her hip as she struggled to free the scooter from the pavement.

Her son has called for drivers to take more care where they park and says people are not thinking about the serious consequences of their actions.

Malcolm Laird said: "She tried to squeeze past, but there just wasn't the room. "She got off and tried knocking on neighbours doors to find the owner and to get the car moved, but had no success.

"She went back and tried to move the scooter herself.

"She pushed, it suddenly shot off, and she fell to the ground.

"It was raining heavily that day and my mother was lying in the road, crying for help and distressed."

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He said Mrs Laird was just a few minutes from her home in The Avenue when she went down a no cycling alley, that comes out at the cul-de-sac at the end of the St John's road, where there is a single dropped kerb.

She was taken to hospital after a neighbour spotted her and called an ambulance.

Mr Laird said: "It turns out she fractured her hip and is currently in the Alexander Hospital, recovering from a partial hip replacement.

"For someone at 86 going into hospital is always a risk, but she is doing OK.

"She is missing a 25th family wedding anniversary this weekend because of what happened.

"It is annoying she has had to endure all this pain and disruption to her life because of rude, inconsiderate parking, not leaving a drop down clear.

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"The driver will have no idea what they did. There are signs saying no parking but they probably used it as a free car park.

"People shouldn't park in front of drop down curbs, blocking scooters, prams and pushchairs."

County councillor Alan Amos, cabinet member with responsibility for highways, said: “Worcestershire County Council is sorry to hear of this situation.

"We would always encourage drivers to park responsibly and with thought and consideration for everyone using the pathways.”

Mrs Laird has been in hospital since being injured on October 11.