A YOUNG woman who bit a baby’s face, just a week after she had avoided prison for smashing a woman’s head off a takeaway counter, is now behind bars.

Cara Drummond sobbed and held her head in her hands throughout proceedings as she appeared at Worcester Crown Court yesterday via videolink from prison.

John Brotherton, prosecuting, told the court that Drummond had bit the baby and left a bite mark on the infant's left cheek, causing bruising.

Mr Brotherton said the 22-year-old, who lived in Worcester, had been frustrated that the baby would not stop crying while she was at a house in Evesham in May 18 last year, and that the infant had screamed after being bitten.

Mr Brotherton argued there had been significant force in the bite, and pointed out that Drummond had tried to blame another child for the bite.

The court heard that the baby's nursery raised concerns regarding the bite mark and the police were informed.

Mr Brotherton said: “On May 22 (last year) police had new information and arrive at her home. She broke down, and immediately admitted she had bitten (the child).”

On the biting, Abigail Nixon, defending Drummond, said: “There was no breaking of the skin. It faded, it needed no treatment. There is a little physical harm. There was no significant force.

“It was a momentary lapse in judgment, when she was tired.”

Miss Nixon said her client had been diagnosed with a personality disorder, and her mental health and unstable behaviour led to outbursts, such as when she bit the child.

The court heard that Drummond received a suspended sentence for assaulting two people in September 2017.

In that incident Drummond had been in a takeaway in Bridge Street, Evesham, and grabbed the victim by her hair before smashing her head into a counter, leaving her with facial injuries.

After leaving the takeaway, the victim’s friend had approached Drummond who then punched her, causing an injury to her nose.

Drummond also had other outstanding matters – a failure to attend magistrates court in May and a separate charge of criminal damage.

In that incident, she had been at her home in Mount Street, Redditch, on April 28 drinking with friends. Mr Brotherton explained that her friend had spoken about a break up with another man, which led Drummond to suddenly go out and throw brown sauce and flour over his car, and leave aggressive messages on his answer phone.

Mr Brotherton added that Drummond had 22 previous convictions which included assaults and dishonesty.

Miss Nixon said there was a lot more to the takeaway incident, which she hoped the judge would take into account, and said the criminal damage had happened after Drummond had been “tipped over the edge” after receiving some distressing personal news.

Miss Nixon added: “She is now realistic and knows she is receiving a custodial sentence, which will probably save her life.”

Judge Nicolas Cartwright told Drummond that she could have been sent to prison for smashing the woman’s face on the counter of the takeaway, but was spared jail – however, she would now be locked up.

“You would have been sent to the prison for that, you received a suspended sentence – the judge would have warned you, you were at risk of having a three month jail sentence imposed (if you offended again)," he told Drummond yesterday. “But in a few days you bit the child.”

Sentencing her, the judge said: “You are 22, you have the majority of your life ahead of you.

“Up to now you have been lacking self discipline.

“In the reports I have read again and again you say you never felt you had the support you needed or requested. In the end there is only one person who can help you, and that is you.”

Drummond was jailed for a total of 14 months, which includes the activation of the suspended sentence of two months, 10 months for assaulting or ill-treating a child, one month for criminal damage and another month for failing to surrender to the court.

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