A FUNDING page has been set up to buy a special bed for a girl with complex needs, whose mum is struggling to support a young family.

Since Zara, two and a half appeared in Evesham Journal, £310 has been raised to help buy the items that will calm her down and stop her hurting herself.

Zara's mum Kirsty Shoots, from Evesham is on universal credit, has two other children and sometimes uses foodbanks to feed her family.

Zara struggles sleeping through the night and wakes up for long periods of time.

Miss Shoots said: "During this time she can become very upset and throws herself aggressively against the side of her cot and kicks it causing injuries to herself. Zara needs to be ‘contained’ in order to feel safe and switch off at night otherwise she will pace until around 4am when she collapses from exhaustion."

"She has gone as long as 22 hours without sleep. The safe space will improve her sleep and increase the amount of sleep she has as well as protect her from harm and be used as a sensory den in the day time."

The cost of the specialist bed is £6800 and Miss Shoots has been refused funding as Zara is under 4.

Zara is non-verbal, and has global development delay which means she has the mental age of 9-12 month year old. She has low tone dystrophy which causes mobility issues. Her growth is above the 99centile so although she is two-and-a-half she has the body of a 5-6 year old.

Zara attends The Vale of Evesham School which Miss Shoots praised as being their only support along with local health visitor Helen Boorman.

To help Zara visit gofundme.com/f/zara-shoots-fundraiser?