A GRANDMOTHER who lost her husband to pancreatic cancer is pleased that a historical building will be lit up to raise awareness of the condition.

Sandra Francis lost her husband Pete in 2012.

Grandmother-of-five Mrs Francis has been raising awareness for Pancreatic Cancer since Pete died.

The Bell Tower in Evesham will be lit up in purple on World Pancreatic Cancer Day for one week, every year, from now on. This year the day falls on November 21.

Mrs Francis who volunteers as a community worker for the charity Pancreatic Cancer Action said: "It's going to look lovely."

Mrs Francis wants to raise awareness of the symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer: "Had we known the symptoms prior to my husband getting ill, he may have survived. He passed away a year after his diagnosis. The whole reason for my work is so everyone in Evesham knows the symptoms because knowing the symptoms can save lives."

The symptoms for Pancreatic Cancer include tummy and back pain, unexplained weight loss

and indigestion.

Other symptoms include loss of appetite, changes to bowel habits – including diarrhoea, or constipation, jaundice (yellow skin and eyes, dark urine and itchy skin), recently diagnosed diabetes, problems digesting food – such as feeling full quickly when eating, nausea and vomiting and difficulty swallowing.

Buildings around the world will be lit up in purple for the occasion.