STUDENTS are celebrating academic success and impressive results.

Students at The De Montfort School achieved an impressive Progress 8 score of +0.3 and has made it to the top 10% of schools nationally.

When asked how they achieved this, students cite the quality of relationships between staff and students, together with the comprehensive support they received from the school as key to their successes in the summer.

Izzy said "For me the school could not have been more helpful. One of the most important factors in helping me was being placed in specialist form groups. I was placed with a great Maths teacher, which really helped me as I was struggling with Maths and, because this was every day, it really helped me."

Connor said "The additional year for my GCSEs made all the difference. Picking my options in Year 8 and getting started immediately in Year 9, meant I could cover the materials in real depth. It gave me loads of time for revision and time to go back over anything I had found more difficult, this really helped my confidence."

Ben said "The time that staff gave us in running boosters after school and even during their holidays was huge for me."

Owen said "The teachers really pushed us to believe in ourselves and do our very best."

Millie-Mae said "The time staff gave to help us prepare for our exams through having a breakfast club, meant we could get that last minute support. The teachers really believed in each and every one of us."

All students mentioned the harmony that exists between the students and the staff.

Mr Nichols said "It is so refreshing when young people recognise and truly appreciate the support they have received. But, be under no doubt, these students worked incredibly hard themselves and never gave up. It just shows what can be achieved when staff and students are equally determined and resilient.

Mr Nichols said “Also let’s not forgetting how important a role our parents have had in helping the school make such improvements. It has been lovely this week to receive some brilliant emails form parents too, congratulating us on our success and saying how proud they are to be a TDMS parent.

“Just wanted to congratulate you on the figures released this week, I have always supported you and the school and totally believed that you could turn it around, both my children have thrived there and that is totally due to the student staff relationship. I'm delighted that all your hard work is now reflected in the progress report, long may it continue, as always I will carry on shouting about what an awesome school it is and would like to thank you again for making my children's learning experience second to none. Well done you and all the wonderful staff at TDMS” Said Mrs Moulton