A RESIDENT has called a town council’s decision to ban bonfires on an allotment site 'a knee jerk reaction'.

Ian Fuller wrote a letter to Pershore Town Council after they banned bonfires on Pershore allotments, saying they were necessary, while accepting that bonfire smoke in people’s gardens and houses can be annoying.

Mr Fuller suggested allowing bonfires to be lit between October 1 and March 31, and only and banning them through the summer to reduce the affect they have on nearby residents. He also suggests a rule that all bonfires be supervised until they go out and are not left unattended at any time.

Mr Fuller’s letter claims the bonfires are necessary because composting is not an option for infected vegetation and certain weeds.

Mr Fuller said: “The only sure way of stopping reinfection and endless weed seeds from germinating and causing the endless cycle of reinfection and weed growth is by incineration/bonfire.”

The letter also responded to concerns about the carbon footprint of the bonfires calling it ‘minimal’.

He said: “There are in excess of 150 plots and that should they all be forced to make repeated journeys to the recycling centre in their cars that the carbon footprint would be considerably greater than the odd bonfire.”

The Environment Agency advises anyone making a bonfire to use materials such as untreated wood, branches, and small amounts of leaves, cardboard and paper. The issue will be discussed at amenities and environment committee at Pershore Town Hall on November 14 at 7.30pm.