BABIES and Toddlers have been getting spooky at TinyTalk Baby Signing and Toddler Talking classes this week. From inflatable unicorns, glow in the dark skeletons to homemade Ghostbusters, families have been celebrating all things seasonal with their little ones.

Teacher Mollie Prior said: “I absolutely love seeing our little ones get dressed up for Halloween! The outfits are always so creative and fun, the families do a wonderful job and really set the scene for our Autumn celebration. As well as the fabulous outfits, it’s an opportunity to learn some spooky signs with songs full of spiders, pumpkins and wizards!”

TinyTalk classes are held on Mondays at Cropthorne and Charlton Village Hall and are weekly 1-hour sessions, full of songs, games, books and sensory activities followed by playtime and refreshments. During the class babies and parents are taught signs from British Sign Language to help their little ones communicate before they can speak, ‘giving them a voice’- allowing them to express their thoughts and needs.

This results in far fewer frustrations and tantrums, and very happy, understood babies. There are toddler talking classes too where we still teach sign but the emphasis moves onto talking and other valuable skills such as turn taking, team work, sharing and social skills.