A DRUG user failed to attend an assessment after testing positive for cocaine.

Jack Scarrott told Worcester Magistrates Court he did not have the funds to get to a police assessment as he was homeless and living in a tent on Pershore field.

Scarrott who represented himself on Thursday, October 31 said: "After I was arrested, and since the day after I was released, I was in a really bad state because I lost my house."

After police attained the positive test from Scarrott they told him to attend an assessment at Worcester Police Station on May 5 to determine whether he had the propensity to use the drug.

Emily Clewer, Prosecuting said: "On October 11 he handed himself in at Evesham Police Station. In the interview he said he was aware of the date but could not attend because he was living rough and life was very difficult for him."

The 19-year-old who pleaded guilty to failing to attend the assessment said he no longer has a drug problem: "Money has been an issue so I couldn't get hold of it (cocaine) and I went cold turkey in a way."

Scarrott of no fixed abode said: "I didn't have the funds to get to Worcester."

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When asked why he did not let officers know he was not going to attend the assessment he said: "I had no credit on my phone. It's been a really hard time."

Scarrott was given a conditional discharge for 12 months meaning if he commits any other offences in that time he will be punished for both offences.

He was not ordered to pay any costs due to his financial situation but was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £21.