A POLITICIAN who posted negative comments about the transgender community is under investigation.

Julie Haines, an Evesham Town Councillor for the Liberal Democrats, reposted a series of stories published in the national press on Facebook, adding comments that have been condemned by her party and LGBTQ+ campaigners.

Responding to a USA Today article entitled 'Trump administration halts visas for same-sex partners of diplomats, UN employees', Mrs Haines said "bad move by Thump [Trump]. If it were trannies I could understand it but this....absolutely not."

While in response to an article published by the Daily Mail entitled 'Birth coach says only women have kids and is hounded from charity', she referred to trans community supporters as "trans-pushers", adding "tell it to someone who gives a s***".

A spokesman for the Liberal Democrats said: "These remarks do not represent the views of the Liberal Democrats, who have a long and proud history of fighting for trans rights.

“The Liberal Democrats have now begun a disciplinary investigation into the councillor in question.”

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Andre Oldfield, chair of Worcestershire Pride, said: We fully support the transgender community and it is disheartening to see an elected councillor not understand that trans rights are simply human rights.

"No member of the LGBTQ+ community should face discrimination just because of who they are, and we urge everyone who can to vote to ensure that those who are elected are strong supporters of the LGBTQ+ rights, for all our sakes."

Mayor of Evesham, Cllr Mark Goodge said: "While councillors should be free to take a position on matters that concern them, even controversial ones, that doesn't justify the use of abusive language.

"Some of the comments in these posts clearly cross that line, in my opinion.

"Councillor Haines clearly has strong views on this topic, but she would be well-advised to take more care over the way she expresses them.

Cllr Haines said she was unable to speak to a reporter on the phone due to a bad cough, but said via email she had not been informed of any disciplinary actions and did not think this was correct.

She added: "If you have read anything at all you will know from my posts and the wider press; what the bigger issues are, namely #SexBasedRights, the transitioning of children #TavitsockCentre [Tavistock], biological males entering safe female areas such as changing rooms, toilets, women being raped in prisons by biological males, and the real danger of women's sports being ruined by biological males such as Dr KcKinnon [McKinnon] in Manchester this year and how these very serious things are being ignored by all the parties.

"This is an elephant in the room."

She added her Facebook profile, which is open for the public to see, was 'personal' and not related to her council duties.