EVACUATIONS and safety checks have been carried out by the fire and rescue service following flooding in Evesham.

Officers were conducting safe and well visits at Weir Meadow flats which were inaccessible due to flood water. Around 4 people were evacuated from the flats yesterday.

The officers said people who may need evacuating include those who may be short of medication or who have illnesses. The safe and well visits are to give people information on the floods and make sure they are safe.

Brian James, park manager at Weir Meadows Holiday and Touring Park said: "We are ok, we are all safe, even though it was the highest flood since 2012. No damage has been done to any caravans," adding that the caravans are on floatation devices.

Mr James said the park was evacuated during the last flood. "The company chose not to bring them back on because we knew what was coming. We have got a good procedure in place and an evacuation procedure."

Robert Plum who lives on Waterside said his garden had been affected. "We had stuff stored under the balcony but we have brought it up to a higher level. We had to get the mower and the bike and the deck chairs up. It's going to take some effort to get the mud off but other than that we are fine. The environment agency and the police came round and they were very helpful."