A MUM who is struggling to find a school place for her son is worried about the impact it is having on him.

Sam Grosvenor's son Kyle, 8 has been out of school for 11 weeks. He has behavioural issues, is diagnosed with ADHD and suspected autism. He has been unable to settle at a school that meets his needs and Miss Grosvenor says he is unhappy.

"He has even told me he wishes he was dead" Miss Grosvenor said.

"When he turned school age he was pushed into mainstream school even though he is disabled. He was always getting suspended and he was only there for two hours each day so he lost out. The he was permanently expelled from that school so he went to a behaviour school until he got a placement."

"They tried to get him a place at Riversides School in Worcester but it wouldn't have met his needs so I turned it down."

Miss Grosvenor, 28 said: "All the children were running around swearing at the teachers. They were literally in control of the school. If I had sent him there it would have made his behaviour worse."

"Since then I have been ringing up person after person trying to get him into a school. One person actually said to me 'it's because he's autistic' which is discrimination."

Miss Grosvenor said doctors will not prescribe Kyle medication for his ADHD because it will have affects on his autism, making it particularly difficult for him.

Miss Grosvenor said: "He is quite down. Now he has seen his brother and sister go to school and his friend next door. He says 'can I go and see him' and when told his friend is at school he says 'why can't I go to school?"

A spokesperson for Worcestershire Children First said: “We will continue to liaise with Ms Grosvenor and Kyle to ensure that we urgently resolve this matter. We will continue our communication with Kyle’s current school to ensure that both a start date and a transition plan is in place to support his admission.”